If you already own the printed version of one of our patterns and you have purchased it before its PDF version was released, you can buy the latter for 4€ more.

To do so, carefully fill out the form below. Your request will be processed manually, so delays may vary based on our team’s availability!

This offer does not include patterns that have been purchased second-hand. The printed pattern should still be in your possession.

- If you have purchased your printed pattern from our online shop, please indicate your order reference.
- If you cannot find your order reference, please indicate "lost reference number" and we will search through our order history for the ones corresponding to your email address (longer processing time).
- If you have bought the pattern from one of our stockists, please indicate the name of the shop or website.

In order for us to verify that the pattern is still in your possession, please attach to your request a picture of your pattern envelope with a handwritten note where your email address can be read clearly (see section "How to photograph your printed pattern"). The picture should not larger than 2Mo.